14 October, 2009

Blackcurrent should atleast be brown

It was a day of monotony.and when My my friend came up with a treat for getting a job..I immediately jumped at the chance..

There we were at the Cakes Monarch after 15 minutes and there were some pretty gals around..

So I decided to make the party a little more vibrant and hummed and sung some English songs (mainly to put scene)..

There we ate pizza and after some time we had a look at the menu card and ordered two Black Curent and one strawberry..

My friend under the illusion that I know about food items ordered Black cyurrent for himself.
after a while the waitress bought two strawberry drinks to our Table..

I immediately reminded her that we asked for two Black current !!

She said "hey wat brother..You sing english songs and yet you can't differentiate between strawberry and black current"..

I never though that black current will look Rose in colour..I thought it would atleast look Brown in colour!!

Do I have to say that all the gals in the vicinity had a sarcastic laugh at me :(:(

P.S.It tasted Disgusting.

23 July, 2009

For you, 'Div'ine..!

Oh girl! It's not a
My life, It's in a

My dreamy damsel!
you know what?
Now I'm everything
that I was not..!

Without you,I know
no beauty..
Loving you,is now
my duty!

I fancy you, my lass
of the mass..
Watching you, my soul
shall pass..

With stars and moon,
everytime around;
you turned my day,
the other way round

19 July, 2009

Poem For my girl..!

My nervous system is
in a flame..
Nobody else but
you're to blame!

You made an assault
on my senses..
My pursuit for you
Knows no fences!

You had me in thrall,
in all the world..
In all my life,I've
never been so bold!

The last thing,I'd see
is you and me fight..
Never you mind..Come,
lets have a good night!!

P.S.This is my first poem..So guys plz do feel free to point out the flaws..So that I can improve and send her some quality poem:D

11 June, 2009

Farebad Ronnie.

Thank you, Ronny for the wonderful six years, you've coped up with us...Now you have all the money in the world..But there will be no more trophies for you..Barca will see to that.

We the Manchester united fans will definitely miss your arrogance,penalties,Long shots, free kicks, Stepovers, Dribbling,goals etc,etc...

But whatever we miss, we will definitely not miss your Loyalty.Thank You.

I Wish you ill luck for your future and hope you flop in Madrid like every other superstars who plied their trade there.

The time is not far, when you will come to realize that "Anystep away from Manchester United is a step down".

I'm waiting for that day.

09 May, 2009

5 ways to overcome love failiure

I know that overcoming love failure is not easy, in fact it's very difficult and it takes months or even years to overcome it...Here I am after so much of experiments and practice, devised some methods for the benefit of humanity, which can help us forget our lost love and move on...Here are somethings to do when the thoughts of your lover cloud your mind...


Yes...Chanting the name of another super figure or some actress while visualizing her beautiful structure can easily get rid of now not so beautiful image of your lover.(TESTED)

P.S. Anushka is a good option to visualize.
Go to your nearest musical shop, get one mridangam and keep it in your house.. Whenever the thought of your lover comes, start beating it ferociously until your anger and disappointment abates..(TESTED)
3)SHIFT YOUR போகிஸ்

Shift your focus to other girls and not only one girl, for that will make you fall into that trap again...focusing on several girls gives you entertainment as well as makes you get on with life.(TESTED)
Get married soon, if you are over 18 years of age...Unfortunately child marriage is abolished, otherwise i would have written this post with a baby in my lap..Though this is not tested, I can assure you that this is one of the most effective methods to curb love failure..


Watch TR films if you are so vexed..It will be assault on your senses..He is a wholesome entertainer and can make you forget anything with his out of the world performances..(Veerasamy: expert recommendation)

Dosage: As prescribed by a trained psychologist.

Warning:People with heart ailments are strictly forbidden to watch this clip.

P.S.If this doesn't work.. Nothing will.

20 April, 2009

Jinxed and cursed

I don't know why? but fate do have an unfortunate habit of playing with me..Yes, whenever I studied (@Twisted and Vijay:this is during my school days..so Plz don't gasp) for a test that would be cancelled and whenever I was unprepared, I would be told off for not getting good marks.And this happened year in, year out..

I believed that jinx was broken when I joined the college, but today when I looked back, I was astonished to discover, that I have never studied during my coll days... so, I never had the oppurtunity to test, whether it was still working or not.Today nature offered me, what I consider a little proof, that it's still working.I got a call from a prestigious college from Coimbatore for my M.B.A. So, I came all the way from Madras to Coimbatore to attend the interview.I was so desperate to make it to that college and in that way to clear my abysmal track record in the personal interview. I even got up at 5'o clock for the first time in my life to refresh(???) my so called subject knowledge..I studied so hard that I took notes from internet and studied it for hours.But fate had other ideas..It played the same old trick, which I was very well acquainted with.

08 April, 2009


May it be January,
Or it be February:
I still am mandatory.
May it be monastery,
Or it be mortuary:
I follow till gravery.
May it be supplementary,
Or it be subsidiary:
I am a nation's Beriberi.
I might be stationery,
Or even be slippery:
I am yet slavery.
For all those who miscarry:
I am none other than Bribery!

P.S.This poem was written by my good friend Ragu and was posted here with his consent....

05 April, 2009

Man Utd..Never Say Die.

Manchester United always have a habit of making things difficult for themselves.
Todays game was no different, With 1-0 up at old trafford, we let 2 goals, thanks to our shaky defence and our Captain Neville's absymal marking...Villa was taking the game away from us and with it our title hopes too.!!In the 60th minute, Man Utd Manager Sir Alex Ferguson decided to freshen things up and introduced a 17 year old named Macheda, in place of Nani, which everyone thought was a very huge gamble to make.

80 minutes gone and the game was still 2-1 in favour of villa.
In the 81st minute 'Cristiano Ronaldo' equalised with a wonderful left foot srike from 20 yards, which really brought back us into the game....
The Match was now being played from End To End..With the both teams gunning for a win, the official signalled 5 minutes of injury time..The injury time was greeted by a heavy uproar by the fans of Red Devils, but it was nothing compared to the deafening noise which pierced the Old Trafford Ceiling when the 17 year young kid, 'Kiko Macheda' found the back of the net right in the 93rd minute, which was virtually the last kick of the match..
History is made! and another star is born at Old Trafford..
Man utd's never say die attitude does it again against villa, right from the Jaws of defeat to victory... we won the match thanks to Never Say Die attitude that was imbibed in us and in Our Gaffer, SAF who trusted young talents even in this crucial match...As an arsenal fan put it.."As much as it hurts me to say this, man utd today showed exactly why they deserve to be epl champions and why they are the defending champions. when fergie sent on that kid Macheda, I thought- that's it he's run out of options!!but I was wrong.. Hell wrong.I really wonder where they get the scripts like that"!

If you are a United fan, Sing along to this great tune and share your happiness..!

27 March, 2009

The other end of the line

It took a lot of effort from my part to weedle Divya's phone no. from that guy.
After pestering him for so many hours, that guy finally gave in, although on one condition:

Him:"whatever you do, my name shouldn't come out.
Me:Believe me. 'I don't have any intention of introducing you'.

I took her no. and proceeded with the plan that involved my friend.
We prepared the script and rehearsed it for two whole days, before making utterly sure that nothing would go wrong.We went to the local P.C.O and dialed her No.

Friend:Hello! We are calling from Domi*** pizza mam..Is **********your ph .No..
F:Congrats Mam, You have struck second prize i.e a wrist watch worth 2500 R.s in our lucky draw.If you kindly tell your name and address we will send the gift to your house.

She:Yeah! Please Note it down..Priya, No.14 5th cross street, Madipakkam.
My friend was shell shocked...so was I.
I whispered him to ask him about her Family in a hope that she will be one of them.

F: Nice name mam, could you tell abt ur family?
She:Well.. its me, my hubby, my 2 year old son and my mother in law.

He repeated the words, so I could make out.
I immediately grabbed the receiver and asked "Are you sure that there is no Divya in your house?" She:Divya..? who is she?

That was the end of our conversation.. I felt really bad for doing this to a women.I'm just waiting for Monday to give my friend a good kick.

15 March, 2009


The good people die young..
For one srikanth narayanan is a already died example...
An exemplary human being with all the caring for friends
Always a friend in need..

For all those who don't know how he died..Let me tell you how..

This society played a crucial and crude part in murdering him..

Yes it's a murder though they call it as an accident..Its a murder done by our cold blooded society.

Laws are supposed to protect people..

But in this case its reversed..

He was hit by a car when he was on his way home(which he would have reached within a span of five minutes).

And there the Usual dumb ass crowd gathered around him, just plainly watching him twitching on the ground and moving into the unconscious state...

And after one hour or so..One guy had the nerve to approach him and take his purse to view the details...He called his home and told his mom what happened...

They hired a ambulance and went from one hospital to another..Some Private hospitals blatantly refused to admit accident cases, for there is a police case involved.A Government Hospital refused showing the lack of equipments as a reason...After 3 hrs or so in ambulance and after some HIGH LEVEL INFLUENCE, they admitted him in a big hospital near Teynampet....

The doctors with the usual dialogue "If only you would have arrived before half an hour, we could have probably saved him"

These are the same doctors who refused to admit him before half an hour just for the lack of HIGH LEVEL INFLUENCE...

To Hell with this society.

Srikanth, I am on the verge of tears now...I am going to be with you tomorow, till your ashes are scattered in sea.

I seem to remember that i got stick from you for bunking the college to buy one Harry Potter book..

But, I am sure that you will not scold me for bunking the college for this..

Forever In Our Hearts....

P.S. Guys and Girls please wear your helmets, while driving.."Your life is definitely more worth than whatever you gain by not wearing it."

14 March, 2009

Concurrence 09

If you are in Chennai and if you are a college student, the place to be on 13th and 14th of March 2009 is R.K.M.Vivekananda College, Mylapore, Chennai-600004.


16 February, 2009

FU** U.

You Bloody *****

I'm just sick of this world and getting frustrated day by day...I want true love and i want to be honest...If being honest means means a girl will run out of ur life..then Fuck..I dont want You..Now i speak to you directy 'my one time angel' I dont need u in my life..I can very well cope with this immensely compicated complexities of life without you..I have understood it and atlast understood the 'real' YOU.You came,You saw,but You have not yet conquered me..I have enough me left in myself to escape from your betrayal by your thoughts,words and deed...I have had enough..I'd rather walk alone than with you at my side...I hope your life will go on as usual as i know it will..I bid u badbye and hope to never see you again..
your's sincerely
your ex.

06 January, 2009

My Experiments with lies

It all started here...some prat introduced me to this so called law and made me believe that any thing is possible by following this Law..
Well...what exactly is this 'Law Of Attraction'?

Let me brief this to those who doesn't know ...Those who do,please forgive me..

According to proponents of this law, thoughts have an energy that attracts like energy. In order to control this energy, proponents state that people must practice four things:
  1. Know what you want.
  2. Ask the universe for it.
  3. Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is on its way.
  4. Be open to receiving it.
Simple..Isn't it.
Yeah even i thought so.
Asked the universe.

Yes, i asked the universe to make me pass in the GNIIT computer exams.
The test will be conducted On Line and there will be No negative marks
So, I thought that i could put the Law to test here..

K..The Law says that merely asking is not enough..
I have to visualize...

'Visualized' daily..& acted like that i have already passed my exams, as the law stated so..

Exams were nearing..didn't read anything, for i had complete faith..

Results came out..
Law failed
For me failed..

But it was not all in vain...
For i learnt one eternal law, which states:

"If you fail to prepare ; U better be prepared to fail"

01 January, 2009

Youth at last

It was in this year that i made a blunder of joining a so called college, which is actually a mutt in disguise..
The College which robbed me of my College life.
Just imagine No T-shirts,No jeans pants and most importantly 'NO GIRLS'.

Besantnagar beach,12.00 A.M, 1/1/2009.

'HAPPY NEW YEAR' shouts pierced the skies.
We Hugged everyone who came our way,keeping an eye open for young girls.
We sang,shouted at the top of our voice.
Shook hands with everyone, irrespective of whether he is a policeman,auto driver or an IT professional.
Socialism atlast.
No Elders to restrict us.
Free Free Free for a wonderful 2 hrs.
Made thoroughly of this moment.
College life compensated.
Came back in Bike, Standing and shouting to everyone..
For I am still a youth.

P.S.Wishing You all a happy and prosperous New Year.HUGS.