14 October, 2009

Blackcurrent should atleast be brown

It was a day of monotony.and when My my friend came up with a treat for getting a job..I immediately jumped at the chance..

There we were at the Cakes Monarch after 15 minutes and there were some pretty gals around..

So I decided to make the party a little more vibrant and hummed and sung some English songs (mainly to put scene)..

There we ate pizza and after some time we had a look at the menu card and ordered two Black Curent and one strawberry..

My friend under the illusion that I know about food items ordered Black cyurrent for himself.
after a while the waitress bought two strawberry drinks to our Table..

I immediately reminded her that we asked for two Black current !!

She said "hey wat brother..You sing english songs and yet you can't differentiate between strawberry and black current"..

I never though that black current will look Rose in colour..I thought it would atleast look Brown in colour!!

Do I have to say that all the gals in the vicinity had a sarcastic laugh at me :(:(

P.S.It tasted Disgusting.


Vijayshryaln said...

ippadi daanda ne poori without oil ketta.. ha ha.. cant forget da

Celestial devil said...

Freey vidu mams..Public'la Asinga paduthadha ;)

Pavitra .... said...

Hahaha...I understood every word of that! hehehe..
And yeah, I went through the same thing...I thought blackcurrent will be black....which kinda made me not wanna eat it....and I became the butt of all the jokes :(
Anyways, I love the flavour!

Celestial devil said...

Wow..you hav a Different Taste,Compared to mine..But we Hav more or less same edxperience :D