23 June, 2010


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09 April, 2010

BSNL-Disconnecting People

Nokia may have the tag line of connecting people,but when it is coupled with a BSNL network it's main purpose is completely slaughtered.

The BSNL network is so slow that if it got any slower it would be moving Backwards, and what more this BSNL network have a annoying Habit of 'Hit-him- where-it-hurts' Attitude which absolutely sucks.
I'm not without any proof, lemme tell a story of two of ma friends who are unfortunate enough to be victims of BSNL's cruel tactics.

Story :1

One of my friend who is a Vodafone user, used his mom's mobile which has a BSNL network, due to lack of balance in his mobile.And this guy started to msg and flirt with his gal..After a couple of msgs there came a time when he asked a kiss from her(via Mobile:O)..after many attempts at convincing her she eventually budged and eventually sent Umma'(kisses)..but unfortunately it was his Amma(Mom) who saw it when it got ultimately delivered in the morning.

His cell phone got confiscated and his mom after seeing that message got panicked after she gave a thought of what her son would do when he is in live action mode confiscated the bike keys and was also banned from visiting any of his friends houses.

Story :2
This is a story of my another friend who has an extreme carefree attitude,but unfortunately he was in an engineering college which was extremely strict as well..This guy once bunked the classes and went roaming around the college..

The next day principal beckoned him to his office and gave him a nice kick at the back coupled with a Hairdryer treatment..Then he was sent out finally from his office and was temporarily relieved until he saw the message "Buddy,come fast..Princi is here" which was dated the day before:X:X