24 February, 2013


The movie, I can proudly say, is about us, the middle Class Indian and all the emotions that a Middle Class Indian alone can feel in its full awesomeness.

Kai Po Che is about, a Friendship that Stands the test of time. Its about the Forbidden Love, its about a passionate dreamer who is torn between the Politician and the Businessman.

I must offer my Kudos to Director Abhishek kapoor and Chetan bhagat for entrusting these movie to a less known faces instead of banking on Star value. These are three real people, whom we meet in our day to day life, quite unlike those superheroes, and my god, what a Revelation they have been !!

The Trio effortlessly Carry the Movie on their broad Shoulders with their scintillating and closer to earth performances. I can't remember all the Cast names, but then, Why Should I ? when the Characters Omi, Govind and Ishaan are etched in your mind and refuse to fade away !!and What a Confidence and a Screen presence that actor who played Ishaan Has !!

I neither know Hindi nor Gujarati, but that doesn't deter me from enjoying the movie. The Movie managed to transcend the linguistic and Cultural barriers by striking right at the heart, which knows no barriers and can only understand, Love, Friendship, Trust and Sacrifice. And that's how a movie should be. Universal in its feel and not in its budget or Casting.


Kudos to the producer Ronnie Screwvala for having the guts to produce a movie,where the plot is based on a such a sensitive issue.

Kudos to the Music Director Amit Trivedi. He is rightly touted as the Next A R Rahman :) Manja Song can reverberate in your heart even after so many hours and its a kind of song that you'll hear over and over and over again :)

I am truly happy that I have seen a movie like this and I can safely say that this will be the movie of the year, if not the decade. This movie deserves 5/5 but am awarding 4.5/5, only in the hope that more such movies come in the future and eclipse this.