09 May, 2009

5 ways to overcome love failiure

I know that overcoming love failure is not easy, in fact it's very difficult and it takes months or even years to overcome it...Here I am after so much of experiments and practice, devised some methods for the benefit of humanity, which can help us forget our lost love and move on...Here are somethings to do when the thoughts of your lover cloud your mind...


Yes...Chanting the name of another super figure or some actress while visualizing her beautiful structure can easily get rid of now not so beautiful image of your lover.(TESTED)

P.S. Anushka is a good option to visualize.
Go to your nearest musical shop, get one mridangam and keep it in your house.. Whenever the thought of your lover comes, start beating it ferociously until your anger and disappointment abates..(TESTED)
3)SHIFT YOUR போகிஸ்

Shift your focus to other girls and not only one girl, for that will make you fall into that trap again...focusing on several girls gives you entertainment as well as makes you get on with life.(TESTED)
Get married soon, if you are over 18 years of age...Unfortunately child marriage is abolished, otherwise i would have written this post with a baby in my lap..Though this is not tested, I can assure you that this is one of the most effective methods to curb love failure..


Watch TR films if you are so vexed..It will be assault on your senses..He is a wholesome entertainer and can make you forget anything with his out of the world performances..(Veerasamy: expert recommendation)

Dosage: As prescribed by a trained psychologist.

Warning:People with heart ailments are strictly forbidden to watch this clip.

P.S.If this doesn't work.. Nothing will.