18 December, 2008

It was a long walk...bike out for service & there was no friend in need,for he said that he is too busy playing the Gentlemans(?) game...Now there walking towards a temple..a girl with beautiful hair, gorgeous lips & fantastic hip..
I was there gaping at her momentarily stunned by her ethereal beauty.

"CAUGHT"...She beckoned me towards her...thrilled at the oppurtunity..I immediately went towards her..
Why are you staring like that? she said?
she just spoke to me..she just spoke to me..This Superb Chick really spoke to me wow! And me still dawdling wat to say...
Prashanth what happened to You..? "she said".
I opened ma eyes little more wider..
How The hell that This chick know ma name..?
so she knows me..
and infering from what she says to me..I must also know her...
well I'm just at a loss of words.." I said".
In a jus a short span of 3 years you forgot me ah."she accused"
How can i forget you..how will i ever forget you.."Said me".
still wondering how could I miss this perfectly structured chick for five whole years...

'How is evrything in ur place'? "I quacked".
wat srilanka? you know how it is there..
so this chick is from srilanka,3 years..**********

suddenly it dawned to me who she is..she was the one of many gals who I fancied in ma school days..

So wat R u doin here..?
just came with a friend..
He is there inside that shop buying me flowers..
I craned my neck to see jealously to see who that lucky guy was..

There he was, my friend, Playing the Gentleman's game..!!!!!!!!!!!!