16 February, 2009

FU** U.

You Bloody *****

I'm just sick of this world and getting frustrated day by day...I want true love and i want to be honest...If being honest means means a girl will run out of ur life..then Fuck..I dont want You..Now i speak to you directy 'my one time angel' I dont need u in my life..I can very well cope with this immensely compicated complexities of life without you..I have understood it and atlast understood the 'real' YOU.You came,You saw,but You have not yet conquered me..I have enough me left in myself to escape from your betrayal by your thoughts,words and deed...I have had enough..I'd rather walk alone than with you at my side...I hope your life will go on as usual as i know it will..I bid u badbye and hope to never see you again..
your's sincerely
your ex.