06 January, 2009

My Experiments with lies

It all started here...some prat introduced me to this so called law and made me believe that any thing is possible by following this Law..
Well...what exactly is this 'Law Of Attraction'?

Let me brief this to those who doesn't know ...Those who do,please forgive me..

According to proponents of this law, thoughts have an energy that attracts like energy. In order to control this energy, proponents state that people must practice four things:
  1. Know what you want.
  2. Ask the universe for it.
  3. Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is on its way.
  4. Be open to receiving it.
Simple..Isn't it.
Yeah even i thought so.
Asked the universe.

Yes, i asked the universe to make me pass in the GNIIT computer exams.
The test will be conducted On Line and there will be No negative marks
So, I thought that i could put the Law to test here..

K..The Law says that merely asking is not enough..
I have to visualize...

'Visualized' daily..& acted like that i have already passed my exams, as the law stated so..

Exams were nearing..didn't read anything, for i had complete faith..

Results came out..
Law failed
For me failed..

But it was not all in vain...
For i learnt one eternal law, which states:

"If you fail to prepare ; U better be prepared to fail"

01 January, 2009

Youth at last

It was in this year that i made a blunder of joining a so called college, which is actually a mutt in disguise..
The College which robbed me of my College life.
Just imagine No T-shirts,No jeans pants and most importantly 'NO GIRLS'.

Besantnagar beach,12.00 A.M, 1/1/2009.

'HAPPY NEW YEAR' shouts pierced the skies.
We Hugged everyone who came our way,keeping an eye open for young girls.
We sang,shouted at the top of our voice.
Shook hands with everyone, irrespective of whether he is a policeman,auto driver or an IT professional.
Socialism atlast.
No Elders to restrict us.
Free Free Free for a wonderful 2 hrs.
Made thoroughly of this moment.
College life compensated.
Came back in Bike, Standing and shouting to everyone..
For I am still a youth.

P.S.Wishing You all a happy and prosperous New Year.HUGS.