27 March, 2009

The other end of the line

It took a lot of effort from my part to weedle Divya's phone no. from that guy.
After pestering him for so many hours, that guy finally gave in, although on one condition:

Him:"whatever you do, my name shouldn't come out.
Me:Believe me. 'I don't have any intention of introducing you'.

I took her no. and proceeded with the plan that involved my friend.
We prepared the script and rehearsed it for two whole days, before making utterly sure that nothing would go wrong.We went to the local P.C.O and dialed her No.

Friend:Hello! We are calling from Domi*** pizza mam..Is **********your ph .No..
F:Congrats Mam, You have struck second prize i.e a wrist watch worth 2500 R.s in our lucky draw.If you kindly tell your name and address we will send the gift to your house.

She:Yeah! Please Note it down..Priya, No.14 5th cross street, Madipakkam.
My friend was shell shocked...so was I.
I whispered him to ask him about her Family in a hope that she will be one of them.

F: Nice name mam, could you tell abt ur family?
She:Well.. its me, my hubby, my 2 year old son and my mother in law.

He repeated the words, so I could make out.
I immediately grabbed the receiver and asked "Are you sure that there is no Divya in your house?" She:Divya..? who is she?

That was the end of our conversation.. I felt really bad for doing this to a women.I'm just waiting for Monday to give my friend a good kick.


Jinxed Pixie said...

happens sometimes..
...but you shouldn't let that deter you, you know..

Celestial devil said...

Ahh..This is the field to prove my perseverance..I'm looking forward to prove it.

Vijayshryaln said...

ha ha mama... munnadiye nan sonnana??? ava no yaar kittayume illanu..

Celestial devil said...

Mams..ippo pazhaya Documentslam porattinadhulla ava no. kidaichurrkku..try panni than paarkalaame..

Twisted Elegance.... said...

hahahahahaha machi is that friend anupam? Infact me and avinesh were part of this master plan!

Mokka vaanginiya!!

:D :D

Celestial devil said...

The joke is on you mate..I got her real no. after so much painstaking effort..So be a good friend and wish me in my mission..

Twisted Elegance.... said...

hahahaha ethana number mama oru ponnuku! paavam da nee!

Celestial devil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Celestial devil said...

No..I'm not...Indha murai,vetri namadhe!!!

Preeti said...

heheeee ......u r friend is sure a smart ass ..or u noted down the number wrong ...or may be she is jus playing along ..a smarter women ...

Celestial devil said...

Smart ass..? That they are..

Siya said...

LOL. Ohkay(?)!! Hehehe..see?? Payback?? kiddin.

Cheers. :)

Celestial devil said...

Mission Accomplished, yo see..But the Chick is already committed :(