05 April, 2009

Man Utd..Never Say Die.

Manchester United always have a habit of making things difficult for themselves.
Todays game was no different, With 1-0 up at old trafford, we let 2 goals, thanks to our shaky defence and our Captain Neville's absymal marking...Villa was taking the game away from us and with it our title hopes too.!!In the 60th minute, Man Utd Manager Sir Alex Ferguson decided to freshen things up and introduced a 17 year old named Macheda, in place of Nani, which everyone thought was a very huge gamble to make.

80 minutes gone and the game was still 2-1 in favour of villa.
In the 81st minute 'Cristiano Ronaldo' equalised with a wonderful left foot srike from 20 yards, which really brought back us into the game....
The Match was now being played from End To End..With the both teams gunning for a win, the official signalled 5 minutes of injury time..The injury time was greeted by a heavy uproar by the fans of Red Devils, but it was nothing compared to the deafening noise which pierced the Old Trafford Ceiling when the 17 year young kid, 'Kiko Macheda' found the back of the net right in the 93rd minute, which was virtually the last kick of the match..
History is made! and another star is born at Old Trafford..
Man utd's never say die attitude does it again against villa, right from the Jaws of defeat to victory... we won the match thanks to Never Say Die attitude that was imbibed in us and in Our Gaffer, SAF who trusted young talents even in this crucial match...As an arsenal fan put it.."As much as it hurts me to say this, man utd today showed exactly why they deserve to be epl champions and why they are the defending champions. when fergie sent on that kid Macheda, I thought- that's it he's run out of options!!but I was wrong.. Hell wrong.I really wonder where they get the scripts like that"!

If you are a United fan, Sing along to this great tune and share your happiness..!


Vijayshryaln said...

ne eppo mama match paatha!

Celestial devil said...

Sunday Night..

Twisted Elegance.... said...

dei I wrote about the same thing on my blog da! Gethu gethu!

Glory Glory Man United!

Celestial devil said...

Glory glory Man United!

I cried after the match da..It was so emotional..Fuck You scousers..


Preeti said...

I like soccer as such ...more so because of hot guys in it ..heard it was a fantastic match ..cudnt watch it thogh

Celestial devil said...

just make sure you watch man utd match from now on and U could make up for it..

P.S.There are also many hot guys in Man Utd...So U wouldn't regret it..