08 April, 2009


May it be January,
Or it be February:
I still am mandatory.
May it be monastery,
Or it be mortuary:
I follow till gravery.
May it be supplementary,
Or it be subsidiary:
I am a nation's Beriberi.
I might be stationery,
Or even be slippery:
I am yet slavery.
For all those who miscarry:
I am none other than Bribery!

P.S.This poem was written by my good friend Ragu and was posted here with his consent....


Preeti said...

good one !!!

convey that to raghu:-)

Celestial devil said...

I will..

Vijayshryaln said...

wre s urs?

Celestial devil said...

NAmma enikku nalla vaarthaila kavidhai ezhudhirukkom..

Siya said...

Hahaha..I like!! Cool poem!!:D

Celestial devil said...

Tanx a lot:D