19 July, 2009

Poem For my girl..!

My nervous system is
in a flame..
Nobody else but
you're to blame!

You made an assault
on my senses..
My pursuit for you
Knows no fences!

You had me in thrall,
in all the world..
In all my life,I've
never been so bold!

The last thing,I'd see
is you and me fight..
Never you mind..Come,
lets have a good night!!

P.S.This is my first poem..So guys plz do feel free to point out the flaws..So that I can improve and send her some quality poem:D


A S said...

nice poem :D

Celestial devil said...

Thank you!!
welcome to my blog.

srikanth said...

nice one mams. ur gal s really lucky:)

Celestial devil said...

Haha..Thanks man! But you know her na..don't you?

Vijayshryaln said...

post another one da.. its also nice..

Celestial devil said...

Thanks mams..Will do soon!!

ethicalgurus said...

fantastic words from a lovable heart !!! hope u are in love :)

Celestial devil said...

Yes! Yes! I'm 99% in love.